Placenta contains more than 150 types of nutrients

Placenta contains all the nutrients that humans need to live healthy. Thus, Placenta is the masterpiece of anti-aging care. To eat the same nutrients as placenta, you need a variety of ingredients.

Over 128 growth factors

Single amino acid


Lipid and Fatty acid




Nucleic acid

More than 100 kinds of enzyme

Research and Development by Placenta Supplement Specialist

EGF is a company specialised in placenta supplements. As such, we are confident in the quality of our placenta supplements by strict quality control over four production procedures, namely combination of raw materials, extraction method, concentration, and formula.

Quality Certification by JHFA

AM Placenta has JHFA

JHFA (Japan Health and Nutrition Foods Association) certified quality of AM Placenta series.

Recommended by Dr. Hiroe Nakamura

Dr. Hiroe Nakamura

Please check the standards
to get a safe and effective supplement.

After taking AM, not only my skin became firmer, but also my body was getting better. Placenta was my research in university, so I have well noted its effects.
To get a safe and effective supplement, please check the raw materials, the origins, and the certification such as SPF or JHFA. Placenta supplement may improve not only youthfulness, but also your daily life feelings, such as more energised physically and being focused mentally.

Certified dentist by Japan society for dental anti-aging
Supplements advisor
Beauty advisor
Nutrition education specialist
Clinical Research Supervisor
Finalist of 9th “Mrs. Japan” contest
2019, 2020, Miss Universe/Miss Grand Japan Fukuoka Qualifying Judge

Born in Yamaguchi Pref., Japan.Worked as a cabin attendant of ANA since 1986.Graduated at Fukuoka dental collage, and opened a dental clinic in 1996.Manages 6 “Hiroe Dental Clinics” in Fukuoka at present.Proposes total beauty care through beauty treatment and product development based on anti-aging dentistry.