Brand Concept

The meaning of "AM" is "Morning". When you are drinking your morning cup of coffee, you may think "I will do my best for the test this week!" or "I will definitely manage to complete the next presentation!" or “It didn’t go well yesterday, but I am sure it will get better today." AM Placenta helps you to start your morning energetically and be motivated to go to school or workplace, doing household chores or raising children.

Package Design

The colorful and eye-catching design of AM Placenta cheers you up as you are in your favorite clothes every day. AM Placenta does not only have a cute yet elegant exterior, the interior will charm you too! Why don’t you open a box and check it out? Take AM Placenta anytime, anywhere with you!

Product image for illustration purposes.

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AM Placenta is available at Amazon.
You may also shop at selective hair salons (OAK hair salons) in Tokyo.
Overseas Partners: Mpar Global Co. Ltd. (Vietnam), Global Integration of Businefss Co. Ltd. (China)

AM Placenta Series

AM Placenta Tokyo 商品画像

AM Placenta Tokyo


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AM Placenta Tokyo Platinum 商品画像

AM Placenta Tokyo Platinum